Hello and welcome to the Rover SD1 Club Information Page. The Club was created in August 1991 by our founder member Alan Turner.
Originally named the Rover SD1 Drivers Club the membership quickly expanded and Brian Hayward was soon brought in to assist as Editor to produce the first small club newsletter in april 1992.
Member Roy Whittaker (subsequently becoming a Club Chairman) also assisted by Carol Griffith as Treasurer, formed the first committee team. The club was renamed The Rover SD1 Club.

This fledgling team formed the basic structure of the club as we know it today and is still run by unpaid individuals in their spare time to this day. From itís early days the Club have always had a strong and enthusiastic membership here in the UK and Overseas, who love the superb styling and performance of the Rover SD1.

Itís almost 20 years since the last Rover SD1 came off the production line at Cowley. Of the several hundred thousand cars produced, some models are near to extinction whilst others have survived the intervening years in large numbers. Although the number of SD1ís is dwindling our membership is holding steady and the remaining cars are becoming much more cherished an endeavour to which the Club is dedicated. However, the Rover SD1 Club is here for all model variants regardless of their condition. Even if you donít actually own an SD1, the Club can provide you with a range of products and services that weíre confident will prove irresistible to enthusiasts of all things SD1.

Whether youíre an existing member or just browsing, I hope that you enjoy our website.
We are constantly developing and reviewing the content of this site, so please come back regularly to see whatís new. Regardless of whether youíre a diesel, four, six or V8 devotee, you should find something on this site of interest to you.

If you do decide to join our merry band of SD1 drivers, I look forward to meeting you at one of our future events.

Gareth Hopkins
Rover SD1 Club
October 2004

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The following events have been organised by the SD1 Club, or have been invited to attend in 2004.
If you know of any further events that you believe will interest members of the club,
please EMAIL US or Call 0044 845 1306230

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There are many benefits to be enjoyed by becoming a member of the Rover SD1 Club,
some of these are;

Regular Magazine
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Europe (inc UK): £25 for first year, subsequent years £20.
Non-Europe: £30 for first year, subsequent years £25.

If you would like to find out more please contact us by calling 0044 845 1306230
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The Rover SD1 Club
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