Issue 1 April 1992      
SD one Magazine

Thinking Aloud.

Welcome to the Rover SD1 Club and to the first issue of the club magazine.
As most of you will be aware, this is an antirely new club having no connection with the SD1 Drivers Club of wich many of us were members. It is not our intention to go into the details of why the new club was formed, other than to say that we did not feel that anything worthwhile was being provided in return for our membership fees, and that attempts to rectify this situation were not successful.

Alan Turner therefore decided to take the initiative and ask the members whether they would prefer to transfer to a new club. Nobody has stayed with the old one, which would seem to confirm that our feelings were shared by the rest of the membership.

One question which will doubtless have sprung into many minds by now is "Who are the mysterious and apparently self appointed "we" referred to in the first paragraph?" The answer is that "we" are a team of three people who are attempting to get the club off the ground.
All of you will already have had some contact with Alan Turner, and he will continue to deal with membership details, club regalia and the marketing of the club through the press etc.

My name is Brian Hayward and, largely because I have access to the right kind of desktop publishing equipment, I shall be taking on the roles of editor, publisher and tea boy to the magazine. Our third member is Roy Whittaker. Roy has been a member of several motoring related clubs in the past, and his experience will hopefully enable him to guide us through the early stages of the club's life without repeating too many other's mistakes.

It is, of course, true that we are sepf appointed. This is simply because somebody has to get things started, and there is too much to do to expect Alan to deal with it alone. We very much hop e that you will like what we are doing, and that we will be able to continue our respective roles for many years to come. If you do approve, please let us know, since there will undoubtedly be times when your encouragement.

will be all that keeps us going. More importantly, if you have criticisms, complaints or suggestions , please don't keep them to yourselves. We will only know that we've got it wrong if you tell us!

Having said that, please bear in mind that we are taking ong the organisation of the club for the benefit of ALL (or least a majority) of members. Whenever possible we will act on your suggestions, but as in any organisation, the majority view will prevail.

If you are the only person raising a particular issue, we can do little else but assume that the majority of members either disagree with you, or don't arrach as much importance to it as yourself. Any practical suggestions will be aired through the magazine, and the reaction duly noted and acted upon.

At present, we are trying to keep operations flexible, rather than setting up a formal committee of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Paper Clip Counter. Ond advantage of the currentarrangement is that Alan, Roy and myself live within ten miles of each other, and can therfore arrange meetings etc. at very short notice. One of the shortcomings of the old clun was that the organising members were too far apart for regular meetings to be pracrical, and by keeping things fairlly local at first, we hope to avoid this problem.

As the club expands, and we find out more about the members talents and their willingness to help, evolution should provide the national structure we need. Any of you who feel that you could contribute to the running of the club will doubtless have yourown ideas as to the sort of task you could undertake, but as you will see from the "Situations Vacant"column elsewhere in this issue, there are certain people such as Regional Coordinatorsans a Club Accountant who are definitely necessary.

If you have any of the skills or quallifications required for these posts, please apply, as the current committee members connot do some of them and would feel ethically uncomfortable with others.

Finally, a few words about the magazine, It is my intention to make it informative and entertaining, and make its coverage of SD1 related subjects as broad as possible. The key word is 'possible', and the possibillities are realy in your hands, since I will be relying on you for much of the material which goes into your magazine.
If you have an interesting or amusing tale to tell, please send it in, but please make sure that it is typed or computer printed. Not being a pharmacist, I don't have the skills necessary to cope with the idiosyncrasies of people's handwriting. (You can find the first of these meber's contributions on page #.)

Don't let the fact that you haven's written anything since you were at school hold you back. As long as the facts are there, and I can contact you to clarify any ambiguities, we should be able to make use of it.
Please remember that the magazine belongs to you and that one of its major purposes is to provide a forum communication between the members. I shall do my best to promote this, but it is a two way process.
I'm listening, are you talking to me?

Brian Hayward



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