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Vibration At Engine speeds between 1700 & 2800 rev/min. with a 6 cylinder engine

Isolated cases have been reported of an engine vibration being transmitted through the vehicle at engine speeds between 1700 and 2800 rev/min.
To overcome this problem, the front engine mountings should be modified as follows:
With a 6 mm drill, drill 16 holes in each mounting.
First drill 6 holes lengthways through the rubber in the positions shown ('A' in illustration).
Great care must be taken to ensure that the holes are horizontal and parallel and that the drill does not touch either of the steel supports.
Then drill 5 holes, in the positions shown ('B' in illustration),
from top to bottom of the rubber on each side at the angle indicated so that the two lines of holes converge at the centre line of the mounting on the metal base plate.



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