ARROW COLOURCHANGES: Indicate stages in body finishing

Main assembly line with elevated traverse from first to return leg to meet powertrain and axle assemblies

Process booths and ovens are symbolised and numbered as above to show the 13 stage process.

1 Seven-stage degrease and proparation.

2 Phosphate application.

3 Electrodip primer application

4 Electrodip bake oven

5 Underseal application

6 Surfacer spray

7 Surfacer stoving oven

8 Spot surfacer

9 Spot surfacer stoving oven

10 Colour spray booth

11 Colour spray bake oven

12 Paint inspection and rework

13 Thermoplastic paint reflow oven

This diagrammatic treatment is not to scale.

Engine built line
Axle build line.
Powertrain and axle assemblies move to join body
Final completion and testing stations. At the end of the first leg bodies and engines transfer to overhead conveyors to bring tehm to the next assembly points.

14 Rolling test bed for engines, brakes and steering.

15 Final valeting bays.

16 Last inspection as car leave factory.

Headlamps, horns, other electrical hardware, mudflaps.

Heaters, rubber seals, petrol tanks and pipes

Instrument panel and components, carpets, interior and exterior trim.

Heaters, rubber seals, petrol tanks and pipes

Steering wheels, air cleaners, hoses, radiators, batteries.

Front axle, compenents, exhaust pipes, propshafts, roadsprings, electrical accesories

Engine units and accessories

Gearbox assemblies

Rear axles, seat trimmings from bought out source

Materias for seat trim made in plant



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