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We have a problem Houston.....
We've got the wrong lunar rover!!!

Rover.....Always a step ahead!!!


Click on the picture for the front and rear view.
A very nice Australian SD1 (34,2 kB)

A really, drop dead gorgeous, Australian SD1 with Vitesse spoiler....Those white wheels contrast beautifully with the red paint job!
(Thanx to Edward Ramsden for the pic's!)


A Vitesse coupe  25,9kB

We all know that Rover was busy with the development of an estate version. Unfortunately it never went into production. Here is another version they should have considered. An SD1....COUPE!!..Being lighter, more agile, with cleaner lines, it would have been the ultimate crowd puller!....oh, it would have been soooo nice.


A DS and SD1 (18,8 kB) Two great classic cars....
The citroen DS and Rover SD1 in a typical Dutch setting.....The third car??.....Mmm not worth mentioning I'm afraid...


SD1 the ultimate Gran  Tourismo

For long distance touring the SD1 especially with a five speed, can't be bettered. Giving relaxed, high speed cruising, it is built for Autobahns and Autostrada's. Mind you at 100 mph it is only turning 3000 rpm. Here you see one of this special breed on the Col du Glandon in the French alps.


SD1 spotted in Kemer, Turkey 33,4 kB

While on vacation in Turkey this year (Sept. 2000) I spotted this early series one in a little town called Kemer located on the south coast close to Antalya. As can be seen in the pictures there are quite some changes done to the lighting. I think the rear light's look quite good!

The front end looks a bit less happy, removing the direction indicators didn't improve esthetics here! Also notice the different wheels on the left and the right hand sides.

The license plate starts with 06 this means the car comes from the Ankara region. So it is quite a long way from its home, about 500 miles.


SD1 from Ankara spotted in Kemer 24,7 kB

Tweaked Rover V8  44,4 kB Tweaked Rover V8  62,9 kB


Now this does look like pretty serious stuff doesn't it?? Can you still recognise the old trusty Rover V8?

I can't but it sure is lurking down there It's got a low pressure twin turbo with intercooler, output?...somewhere in the region of 400 bhp!!

The monster block isn't installed in an SD1, but...shiver, in a 3-series BMW.





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