Rover's Vikingship The Dutch Rover SD1 Day
Peize 1990
Rover's Vikingship


The first Rover SD1 day. The organisation was nerveous because it is almost 13:00 hour which was the starting time, and there where only three cars. Shell we leaving, says Aldon Hinc. "NO" says Rene "LOOK" Rene sees a SD1 coming. And what the organisation didn't know was that there where 40 cars following. (photo de Hopbel).

Rover SD1 cars   Rover SD1 cars
Rover SD1 cars   Rover SD1 cars
Rover SD1 cars   Rover SD1 cars

The organisation did not expect to see to many people.
Nice to see all these noses in the same direction.


the Chairman from the club  

Also the chairman Rene Winters was very happy to see
all these Rover SD1 car's in "his" village.

0 kB    a strange car P6??

Here the cars of Jack Poel en Jaap "Vitesse" Ferweda.

Rain in Peize  

It can also rain in Peize! I can hear the rust monster working on the body.


It was a nice meeting and there where about 40 car's. Not bad for a first meeting.