Rover's Vikingship Overhaul of the LT 77 Gearbox
part four
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5th Gear End-Float

To measure the 5th gear end-float, fit the smallest selective washer and the old circlip.
The end-float is the gap between the spacer and 5th gear. It is corrected by replacing the selective washer with another from the range available.
Next, slide the rear spool onto the selector shaft. When viewed from the rear, with the larger lobe at the bottom, the slot should be on the right.
Position the selector fork and bracket assembly, with the slipper pads over the synchro-sleeve. Rotate the forks to engage the spool; then fit and tighten the two retaining bolts.
If the selector fork has been separated from the bracket, you will need this special tool to replace the spring clips.
Finally fit a new circlip to the selector shaft.


In this final section of this part of the 5 speed gearbox we will first strip, clean and examine the rear extension and then complete the rebuild.
Start by removing the oil seal; then tap out the tail bearing. The collar and speedometer drive gear are loose inside the bore.
Remove the pump cover and inlet pipe and the fibre gears.
The gears carry oil, from the inlet pipe, to the pump outlet aperture and force it, via the ferrobestos oil ring, into and along the mainshaft.

Next tap out the ferrobestos oil ring. Grease a new oil ring and press it into position. It is important that one of the holes in the oil ring is directly above the oil pump outlet.
Fit a new set of gears to the pump; then clean and refit the cover and inlet pipe.
Fit a new 'O'-ring into the selector shaft bore remove the four dummy bolts retaining the centre casing and fit a new rear gasket.
Fit the oil pump drive shaft to the layshaft and align it with the bore in the oil pump drive gear then carefully lower the rear cover into position, making sure the oil pump drive shaft engages with the oil pump gear.
Fit the ten retaining bolts, the two longer bolts are fitted in the centre plate dowel locations.

Fit the rear spool locating boss then slide the speedometer gear onto the mainshaft. The flats in its bore must be aligned with the flats machined on the mainshaft surface. Take care not to press the gear past the mainshaft shoulder.
Fit the collar; then drive the tail bearing into position. Fit a new rear oil seal then the drive flange, washer and nyloc nut and tighten the nut to the correct torque.
Next, the speedometer driven gear, fit a new 'O'-ring and oil seal to the housing. Refit the gear then fit the assembly to the rear casing.

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