Rover's Vikingship

The Story of the Rover SD1
Rover's Vikingship

The Story of E277DPG

The history of the Rover Twin Plenum Vitesse E277DPG and its actual owner

Hi guys and gals,

Ok, a bit of Dutch at the top to impress.

I came across your site this morning whilst at work (free high speed internet!) and saw it was a well made site. Most of the UK sites are a bit, well.....naff really. Low rent we call it. So, yours impressed me. Well, it would really, myself being half Dutch. Unlike my Dutch, which in no way will impress you!

SD1 History

Our first SD1 was a 1982 UK registered 2600S, which served us very well for 4 years before the bodyshell decided to dissolve. It even lived with us for a year and a half whilst I worked at the Catarina Ziekenhuis in Eindhoven (1992-3). At that time 'we' consisted of me, my wife Shirley and our one year old son Christopher. The car had a name too, "Smudge", taken from the SMG in SMG879Y. When the car had to go - the sunroof leaked and as much as I loved it, a wet backside was just too much - we were all gutted.

So, now we have 4 SD1's as well as some other junk...

1) Red TP Vitesse - the first owner was Mr Ronnie Knight. A well known participant of the Security Express armed robbery. He stated he bought the car for his father-in-law in Spain.
Strange that he was apparently on the run at the time of purchase from our local Rover dealer in Pembrokeshire! His Father-in-law also had one leg and emphesema at the time!

2) Black TP Vitesse - The black TP, which my wife Shirley calls 'Animal' has now learned the way to Holland as we often go there to stock up on Brand Beer, Chocmel for the kids and to get spare jukebox parts for my '57 Wurlitzer. Apart from the crap paint job, the door frames, bonnet, boot, wings and shell are all very good. The engine so far seems to be OK, but the car had the wrong gearbox in it when I bought it.
This has since died and has had to be replaced. It also featured in July 2001 Practical Classics as a Royal Protection Squad car. But it wasn't, even though the previous owners lied to me at the time of purchase and stated it was such a revered car.

Mates always take the mick out of the fact that we have one Vitesse that was owned by a convicted crook, and another Vitesse that featured as a police car!

3) Oporto Red 2300 Auto - bought for 10.50 off eBay. Needed a new head gasket to get it running. This car has 37K on the clock and is in really nice condition for an '84 SD1. Even had its original tyres and plastic seat protectors.

4) Black VdP EFi - for spares/chopping. Cruise control and Airco to go into my black TP.

...And a Golf GTi:
I bought her a Mk1 VW Golf GTI Karmann Cabrio for valentines day (she has always wanted one - and this is a 'minter' - full history, two owners from new - immaculate and original)....She has called her car Flossie. Flossie?!?!? Sounds like a name we give to sheep. But it does not end gets worse.... as our new family member has a high gloss black coat, she wants to call it (him I suppose if I get really sad) "Glossie". !!!!! Flossie and Glossie. Help me please.

...And finally a Volvo P1800S: Awaiting restoration. Same colour as the P1800S that featured in the early Saint series on TV.

Again - brilliant site,

Kind regards to all
Martin Rimmer
Not one of the Rimmer Brothers !!!!

Two beautys

The Red Vitesse

The Car of mrs ....


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