Automobielverein von Deutschland

Oldtimer Grandprix at the Nurburgring

Rover's Vikingship


The German Roverclub stand 1999 (25,9 kB)
The grey SD1 is of our member Marc Nusbaum from Luxemburg....very appropriate license plate...SD101


Every year thousands of car enthousiasts meet at the Classic Car Races in Nurburg (Germany). This really is the most important Classic Car event on the Continent! The races really are a sight to see....Everything gets raced, from howling formula 1 cars of the eighties, thundering sixties Corvettes to nifty MG TD's . Even those big blower Bentleys of a forgotten era can be seen thundering past with the beautiful wining sound of their supercharger.

So as real car addicts a few members of our club go to this circuit every year. As always it takes place in the first or second weekend of August. The journey towards the Nurburgring is already worth the trip.

So here is a short impression as a picture can say more than thousand words and perhaps you will say the same thing as a german classic car enthousiast did:

I'd rather have the Nurburgring than a wedding ring!
The German Roverclub stand 1999 (18,3 kB)

The German Roverclub (Rover freunde IG) always has a nice collection of Rovers at their stand ranging from P4 to 216 cabriolet.

Automobielverein von Deutschland
A tatty SD1 '98 (22,4 kB) This is defenitely a restoration case, and by the looks of it, the restoration is already in progress. It surely gives us a view of all the trouble spots of the SD1 (wheelarches, underside of the doors, etc....)


A marvellous SD1 '98 (23,2 kB)

Quite the opposite from the picture above is this splendid black Vitesse. It is owned by a enthousiastic Luxemburger. According to him there are not that many SD1's in Luxembourg, only about 6. You really should hear this car running...veeeeery smooth. It was so hot the owner let the car run with the airconditioning on and did a little nap.



A SD-1 carrying the load '98 (15,4 kB)

Hey, Adrian, Look!!!
Alexander's face got a big smile as he saw this combination.....
But what is so special than....just another SD1 used as a workhorse you think....




  A SD1 carrying the load '98 (35,8 kB)

Well this picture explains his enthousiastic smile....It is indeed used as a workhorse....but inside that trailer is a thoroughbred horse...making here for a very nice combination




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