Rover's Vikingship

Oldtimer Grandprix at the Nurburgring

Rover's Vikingship


Ferraris are more common than SD1's  (38,0 kB)

Always a nice sight this big lineup of Ferraris....I am sure an SD1 is much more of an exclusive car here than a Ferrari.


Ferrari Daytona  (17,7 kB) The Daytona just looks like a...........Yup you guessed it! What a pity Rover never made a real coupe out of the SD1.





Lake applet

Well it is not all old classic cars at the Nurburg ring. You can also see the newest Dodge Vipers, Plymouth Prowler and.....this very very beautiful Stratocruiser. In real life it looks even better than in these pictures! And no, the man in the left picture didn't stand in the water.......To be honest, there wasn't any water there, just a graphics trick from us. He kept his feet dry allright.



The black formula 1 JPS can be seen at the Nurburgring  (15,9 kB)

Still as fast as lightning the beautiful John Player Special's. And than that beautiful howling sound!!


Oh that sound can be deafening! (21,0 kB)

But I'm afraid that for some people the sound is just unbearable!!
As can be seen by the woman an the man with the blue cap.





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