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Of coarse the Americans have the record of the biggest amounts of improved cars, but the English have always tried to get this award. I've never been to the UK but what I've heard from the France "customizes" (LOuasil, D'Jimmy, Porta and others) made me pretty curious. In the end I had to give in that the always clouded skies of the English sky was not an argument to be not a part of what is happening over there.


It is a secret, but according to roomers Madonna used the car to be not recognizable to visit Eden Roc. That is why the Rover SD1 coupe a whole day long was parked in front of the luxury Hotel with an offshore boat attached! The stars had apparently no time to get the same brown colored tint and the photographers where interested for the mechanics that year. To achieve the result Tom Radford (the owner of the car) had made a casting-mould of the Rover body, of which he made a polyester shaped version which is of coarse much lighter than the original. At the same time he made the body wide of the car much wider before he made a tube frame which was strong enough to keep up with the expected forces. After that he built a 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 together with two Turbo compressors from a ship engine to give a reasonable power.

With 700 brake horsepower at 8400 R.P.M. Tom can accelerate to speeds of over 320 km/u. (The counter stops there) Because Tom lives at the Côte d'Azur he is able to drive even on the France roads, due to his foreign license plate.
I love pics like this.....
The interior was sportive but the looks where pretty civilized.

Brand: Rover type SD-1 3500 Coupé
Engine: Chevrolet 350 (5.7 l)
Electronic ignition
Holley 750 cfm carburetor
2 Rotomaster turbo with Gale intercooler, 1.2 bar pressure
Compression 7:1
Crane camshaft
Self built exhaust system
Gearbox: TH 350 Hydramatic three gear automaat 10" converter
oil cooler
Weight: 1100 kg
Power: + 700 pk
Top speed: + 320 km/h
Chassis: self built
Front axle: Jaguar XJS, Spax schock absorbers
Rear axle: Jaguar XJS, Spax shock absorber
Brakes: Jaguar XJ 12
Wheels: Compomotive 10x17 + 13x17
Tires: Pirelli P700Z 225/40x17 + Pirelli P Zero 335/35x17
Steering: Cortina 4, Capri steering rack
Tank: self built 100l. Holley E-pomp
Body shell: Polyester self built, in with and length shortened,
removable front nose
Color: Carmine red (Porsche 74-77)
Owner: Tom Radford London.


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