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The Carawagon Limousine

CARAWAGON Limousine. based on Rover models 3500 2600 2300.
The luxury and utility of the chauffeur driven limousine is now a reality for the professional or business person who likes to drive a thoroughbred car but also, by the nature of their job, can benefit from the quiet isolation offered by a limousine with division.

In the Carawagon Rover limousine a journey can be usefully employed to plan the days activities; a thorny problem can be resolved or, if in the company of an associate, confidential matters can be discussed.

At a reasonable additional cost Carawagon Coachbuilders have added an exclusive limousine conversion for all business and formal occasions to the outstanding economy and handling of the Rover vehicles.
And as a means of improving client relations what better method than to collect them from the Station or Airport in a Rover limousine.
The limousine division is covered with Draylon fabric to match the interior lining, sloped to retain the normal generous leg room for rear-seat passengers, and topped by a pair of sliding safety glass windows which give full forward vision.
Two hardwood folding tables are built into the division, while the centre section contains a cabinet with a fold-down door serving as a drinks tray. A bottle compartment and glasses are standard equipment, or the cabinet can be adapted to contain a tape recorder, radio telephone or other business aids.

include. Reading lights. Digital timepiece. Sheepskin rugs Radio telephone. Radio/ Tape player.

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