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Towing by another car

Where necessary, a vehicle having a Borg-Warner or a GM 180 automatic transmission, may be towed by another vehicle, if the transmision is in running order, providing the following precautions are carried out:

  • The selector lever is located in the 'N' position.
  • The towing speed shall not exceed 30mph (48 kph)
  • The maximum towing distance shall not exceed 30 miles (48 kms)
  • Before towing, the oil level shall be determined as correct and then a further quantity of recommended Automatic Transmission fluid     added;
        3 pints (1.7 litres) for Models 35 and 65
        This will ensure adequate lubrication during the towing period.
  • After towing, the transmission oil level should be corrected before the vehicle is run under its own power
  • Where the transmission is faulty, or the towing distance exceeds 30 miles {48 kms), the propellor shaft can be disconnected
        at the rear end and the shaft supported in a sling, or the propellor shaft should be removed when it would be essential that
        the rear of the extension housing is sealed to prevent any loss of oil or the ingress of dirt or water.


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