Rover's Vikingship Overhaul of the Rover V8 engine
part five
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The Cylinder Head

Reassembly of the cylinder head is straight forward. The gasket is fitted dry with the face marked top uppermost.
The bolts are coated with 3M EC 776 lubricant sealant, and then tightened in the correct sequence. The long and medium length bolts are tightened to 9.0 to 9.6 kgf m (65 to 70 lbf ft) and the shorter ones to 5.5 to 6.0 kgf m (40 to 50 Ibf ft).

Insert the tappets checking that they rotate freely in their bores.
Then refit the rocker assemblies, taking care to fit them the right way round, that is with the notch on the shaft uppermost and towards the front of the engine on the right hand bank and towards the rear of the engine on the left hand bank.
Apply Loctite 3020 Adhesif lijm (Cat no. 31459)Sealing Compound to the cylinder heads, manifold gasket and manifold around the water passage joints.
Fit the new gasket and clamps but do not tighten their bolts. Then refit manifold and torque tighten all of the bolts.

The Distributor

Before refitting the timing cover, remove the distributor and turn the oil pump drive shaft so that when it is viewed through the distributor mounting hole it is positioned like this. Turn the engine so that it is at T.D.C. and then refit the cover.
Next refit the distributor with the vacuum unit facing the top hose outlet and the rotor arm facing the resistor.
As you push the distributor into place the rotor should move clockwise so that it faces the base plate screw.
Remove the rotor and rotate the body until the ferrite rod in the rotor is positioned like this then tighten the clamp bolt.
Refit the cap and high tension leads. Make sure that the high tension lead for number 3 cylinder is between those for numbers 5 and 7 cylinders. If not, the current in either number 5 or 7 high tension lead will induce a current in the other lead producing a condition known as "cross firing". The firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2.

Firing order V8  6,1 kB

Carburetter Adjustments

Once the timing is correct, we can proceed with the carburetter adjustments. Begin by checking that the linkage operates freely and smoothly.
Then check that the oil in the dashpots is at the correct level. A fuel filter, circled, is fitted to the carburetters. Make sure this is fitted the correct way round.
Begin your adjustments by setting the idle speed.
Then check and adjust the air flow balance at idle speed.

When correctly balanced take up the free play on the lost motion screw.
Next adjust the mixture strength to achieve the correct CO readings.
Finally check that the marks on the fast idle cams align with the centres of the screws with the choke control lever lifted.
If there is any misalignment, make the appropriate adjustments in the linkage.
Then adjust the fast idle screws by equal amounts to give the correct fast idle speed.
You will find further information on these procedures and the ignition system on this website.

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