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Viking 9,6kB

Welcome to the information page of the Dutch Rover SD1 club. The club was founded on the 4th of Mach 1992 by Aldon Hinc, Miranda Vogelenzang and Rene Winters. Since that date we have grown into a club with more than 280 active and enthousiastic members. Although we are primarily a Dutch club we also have members from Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, UK, etc.

It is our aim to take care of the interests of the owners and drivers of Rover SD1's, ranging from the 2000 to the Vitesse.


Rene Winters
M. Vogelenzang
W. Verduyn
V8 info
Rene Winters

Rene Winters
Rover logos  1,4 kB

Rover logos  1,4 kB

SD1 formation in Groningen 1992 25,1 kB
SD1 in formation

Congratulations Rene!

: Further our club can help you with:
  • Club meetings
  • Car show meetings
  • Lectures on SD1 technique, History, Maintenance, Fault finding.
  • Repair your car
  • Finding spare parts or adresses where to find them
  • Technical documentation, we have a very large archive with various technical documentation and also a large selection of road tests, comparison tests, etc.
The Website
Adriaan Briene has started this website in 1998.
He has done this with pleasure for four years. But due to the heavy workload and no longer enough inspiration, He has turned over the website to me (Rene Winters).
I want to thank Adriaan Briene for doing the job en the time he has devoted to the website
I'll try to provide the website with even more information.

If you want to write about your SD1 or have an interesting article, just send it to Rene Winters and he will make sure it gets published.


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