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This part of site is an attempt to organize and add to the web resources for the Rover SD1 to form a cohesive and easily usable guide for those of us without easy access to expert repair and/or advice. It is not offered in any way as a definitive source and we take no responsibility for any errors that may exist.

Fuses and Relais

We start by looking at the location of fuses and relays.

First the fuses. The main fuse box is located on the left hand side of the instrument panel.
The cover is removed by turning the button. Printed inside the cover you will find a listing of the circuits protected by each fuse. The fuses are identified by the numbers of the terminals they bridge.

Position 1-2 is not normally used. However on cars fitted with air conditioning, this is the location of the main supply line fuse.
Fuse 3-4 protects the heater circuit. On cars fitted with air conditioning it protects the compressor electromagnetic clutch.
Fuse 5-6 is labelled battery control. It protects the horn, clock and interior lighting circuits.
Fuse 7-8 is for the hazard warning flashes.
Fuse 9-10 labelled ignition control, protects the stop lamps, direction indicators, instruments and the brake failure warning circuit.
Fuse 11-12 protects the screen wash/wipe circuit. The first four fuses on the top left of the box protect the right and left main and dip head lamp circuits.
Fuse 21-22 is for front and rear side lights, the rear fog lamps and the instrument panel illumination.
Finally, fuse 23-24 protects the front fog lamps.

The Relais

Now letīs have a look at the relays.
Most of which are fitted to these assembly behind the passengers glove box. The number of relays and their position depend on the optional equipment fitted to the car.
On the 3500 S eight relays are fitted here. They can be identified by colours of their connecting leads.
A relay, yellow, is also used in the start circuit. This is located on the right hand side of the engine compartment.
On cars with the optional head lamp wash/wipe equipment a further relay, green, is fitted near the washer pump assembly. The two flasher units which control the direction indicators and the hazard warning lights are attached to the brake pedal mounting bracket.

Special thanks to Drs. L. de Boer.



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