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I ntroduction The Janspeed Turbocharger installation on the Rover 3500 and 2600 models transforms them from effortless high speed cruising cars into sports saloons that rival the best available anywhere. No need anymore to look to overseas manufacturers for the kind of breathtaking performance that has had the motoring press in raptures since the launch of the conversion two years ago.
The same installation on the Range Rover provides a smooth and welcome increase in mid-range torque - ideal for towing and sustained performance even with the vehicle fully laden.

Rover 2600

For initial cost and potential economy reasons, there is certainly appeal in the smallerengined Rover 2600 model. But just because of the latter engine's smaller displacement, it lacks the torque and power of the bigger V8 of the 3500. But there is a way to get better performance than the standard Rover 3500 while at the same time getting better fuel consumption fit a Janspeed Turbocharger kit to your Rover 2600.

Our unparalleled experience in the development of turbocharger kits for big 6-cylinder engines has enabled us to develop a highly effective kit for the middle of Rover's SDI model line up. Through the use of a single Roto-Master Turbosonic turbocharger and a single S.U. carburettor, we make available a performance package that is very nearly as quick and flexible as the turbocharged 3500 V8 while offering a significant saving in initial cost.

Unlike the Rover 3500, the engine of the 2600 must have its compression ratio reduced in order that sufficient boost pressure may be used. The compression ratio is lowered by a decompression plate and a longer timing belt is provided to enable belt tension adjustment to be made in the normal way.

Turbocharger kit contents

As well as those components mentioned above, the Janspeed Turbocharger kit contains all the parts necessary to turn the fitting into a straightforward spanner exercise. Like the Rover 3500 kits, boost pressure is controlled by a Roto-Master wastegate which screws into the fabricated exhaust manifold supplied. To enable the correct fuel/air ratio to be maintained when the engine is operating in the boosted condition, a fuel enrichment valve actuated by a pressure-sensitive switch is included and there is also a boost/vacuum gauge in the kit to allow the driver to check the operation of the system under changing performance demands.

In common with the majority of Janspeed Turbocharger kits, the Rover 2600 unit is designed to allow fitment to both left and right hand drive cars as well as to those fitted with an automatic gearbox.

Rover 3500

Though the excellent Rover 3.5-litre V8 engine gives more power and torque output than many of its competitors in the prestige saloon car market, the extremely high gearing means that the road performance lacks sparkle. Put another way, to keep up with BMWs and even Ford Granadas, Rover owners need to use at least one gear lower and higher engine speeds.

Now, with a Janspeed Turbocharger kit available, Rover drivers need never feel uncompetitive again. With an increase in power and torque in excess of 30%, the turbocharged Rover has the kind of performance that led Autocar magazine to title their Road Test "Gentleman's relish" and Clive Richardson, writing in Motor Sport magazine in April 1979, to describe the engine as "quite the best turbocharged road engine I have tried" Copies of both these Road Tests are available on request, but some of the acceleration figures from them are worthy of comment.

Take, for instance, the significant acceleration step from 40 to 100 mph. This is accomplished in the turbocharged car in 35.2 sec compared with the standard car's time of 49.2 sec. If, however, you consider this degree of flexibility to be less important than sheer performance, the comparative figures using the intermediate gears are 18.4 sec and 24.4 sec - a really significant gain by the turbocharged car and conclusive proof of the extra power given.

Turbocharger kit contents

The Rover 3500 kit contains all the parts necessary to carry out the turbocharged conversion right down to the last clip and nut and bolt and, of course, a full set of fitting instructions. Because there is no reason not to, the kit makes use of the car's standard carburettors and also provides all the adaptors, pipes etc. necessary to link back to the standard air cleaning and silencing system. There is one Roto-Master Turbosonic turbocharger for each bank of 4 cylinders and cast iron exhaust manifolds are supplied to replace the original items. Boost pressure is limited to 71b/in2 by a Roto-Master waste-gate for each turbocharger. In addition to a boost/vacuum gauge, each kit contains an oil cooler kit and the necessary exhaust pipes to link back to the car's standard system. Kits are available for both manual and automatic gearbox cars as well as for the 3500S model with standard air conditioning and versions of the kit are available for both right and left hand drive cars.

Single turbo installation

Turbocharger kit contents
By providing all the components necessary to make installation a simple spanner exercise, the requirement for expensive and extensive workshop equipment is unnecessary. Apart from access to brazing equipment to attach the Turbocharger bearing drainaway tube(s) to the sump pan, any competent enthusiast or his service garage can fit the turbocharger kit in approximately 40 hours.
Due to the unsuitability of the Stromberg carburettors that are fitment on some Rovers, a single or a pair of S.U. carburettors and adaptors are provided as part of the kit. To keep routine servicing similar to that of the standard car, as much use as possible is made of the standard car's air-cleaning/silencing system. So that franchised Leyland dealers can service the Turbocharger installation without anxiety, the adjustment of ignition timing and carburation operation is kept standard. To make the replacement of a decayed exhaust system simple, both single and twin Janspeed Turbocharger kits for the Range Rover have an adaptor pipe which is flanged to join the standard vehicle's system.


Uprated wheels, tyres, brakes and suspension components are all available to compliment the extra performance




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