Rover's Vikingship SD1's IN ACTION! Rover's Vikingship


On this page you can find some action photo's of the SD1.
Photo's by John Colley
Many thanx to Olof Neergaard for sending the pictures!

Inside view of a rally SD1  22,6 kB

Blasting through the woods during an RAC rally in 1984.....As you can see the inside of this series 2 SD1 is still quite standard. However the square meters have been discarded in favour of round ones....Smiths perhaps? Also note the very heavy roll cage around the front window and doors.

Pulling some G in the corner  30,1 kB

Creating a smoke screen. SD1's were not only used for racing but also for rallying. The race and rally cars were much the same except in ride height and spring and damper rates. Also the big Vitesse front spoiler is deleted from the spec's. Here Tony Pond's car can be seen in action. Nice way to sand blast the underside of your car. Mmmm, should put that up as a tip in the rustproofing section

Running up that hill...   26,8 kB

Same car in action again but now in colour. The Computervision SD1 rally car won the A group class in the Shell Oils Championship in 1985.

Running with gravity  21,0 kB

Same car again. This rally monster had about 305 bhp on tap and weighed 1,380 kg (3,036 lbs). From 1986 on the SD1 was withdrawn from the rally scene and replaced by the four wheel drive Metro 6R4.

Sandvik rally car 25,6 kB

Nigel Mansell (F1 pilot) also raced the SD1 in a special rally for celebrities with only SD1's.

Safe landing at Manx  31,4 kB

Airborne!....The SD1 of Tony Pond makes a safe landing during the 1985 Isle of Manx rally.

Shortcut  31,2 kB

The live axle has the advantage in flat corners over independent systems because it keeps the wheels at a perpendicular angle to the road.....unless you make use of the curbs

Rover leads the way  29,9 kB

Rover leads the way at a race at Brands Hatch in front of fierce opposition from a Holden Commodore and the Volve 240, did you expect otherwise than the SD1's leading the race?? TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) had a lot of succes with the SD1 from 1980-1986.

Champagne! 14,8 kB

The race is won! Tom Walkinshaw (right) and Win Percy celebrating another victory.



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