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Should it be necessary to replace a body side moulding strip, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Remove old moulding strip.
  • Clean area of body panel, where new moulding is to be fitted, with white spirit.
  • To ensure satisfactory fitting, the bodyshell must be at a minimum temperature     of 16 degrees C (:60 degrees F) and the moulding at a minimum temperature of     21 degrees C (70 degrees F).
  • Remove the protective backing strips from the moulding ensuring that the     adhesive surface is not contaminated.
  • For the correct positioning of the mouldings see illustration.
  • Position moulding on panel applying a firm pressure of 14 kg (30 lb), e.g. by     means of a roller, along the full length of the moulding to ensure permanent     bonding.
  • After fitting, the vehicle must be kept in an area where the minimum ambient     temperature is( 16 degrees C (60 degrees F) for not less than 16 hours to ensure     full curing of the adhesive.
  • Parts Information - mouldings
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