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19 june 2001

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19 June
Cars: Rover SD1 VDP 1986 manual
Rover SD1 VDP 1986 automatic
Thank's for this excellent website... I've got my "automatic SD1" with your adverts. Encore merci !
It's good to hear we could help you finding the right car, Happy Rovering!
10 June
1983 Rover Vanden Plas 3.5 V8
Monza Red 135,000 km
1994 Holden VR Commodore 3.8 V6

Thought I'd drop a note letting you know how I got on with your tech notes and the car. She goes again. We were a little worried when a rebuilt ECU hadn't cured the problem! The notes were terrific and we were able to trace a few problems. One was a faulty relay though we had already suspected that. The main culprit was the diode pack aka PI steering relay - the red relay looking box behind the glovebox. We'd got to the point that the car would fire up, we had fuel pressure and power to the fuel pump when the starter was cranking but as soon as we stopped the starter, power stopped at the pump and we gradually lost fuel pressure and then the engine stopped. Using your info, wiring diagrams etc. we suspected the diode pack and bypassed it and had power to the pump. Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled the pack apart and found it was made up of three diodes (D8) and a resistor. We decided to rebuild this little pack oursleves (seems its role in life is to blow to protect the ECU). A trip to Jaycar in Sydney uncovered that the D8 branding in the diodes meant nothing in catelougues but they were just ordinary diodes - one had failed. The resistor had also gone open circuit but we couldn't find an extact match based on the coloured banding so went the next closest. All soldered back together and away she went. Obvioulsy the old ECU had some fault (before it stopped altogether that is) because the engine now revs a lot sweeter and on the road has more pick up. So thank you for the effort you've put in to making such a great tech resource available.

A couple of comments. One of the big drawbacks to the Rover is the brakes - or lack thereof! For such a heavy car the poor old teeny front pads get a shocking workout. I'm also saddled with the solid rotors which doesn't help heat dissapation either. I'm aware that ventilated rotors came out here a little later but do you know of an effective modification to be able to get better braking? Apparently there is a mod you can do based around bits from BMWs etc. but I've no details. Any info on a disc brake rear end alternative?

Thanks again and that pic will be on its way soon.
Glad to hear you solved the problem and that we could be of any help!
A wothwile modification is to get Vitesse ventilated disks and four pot calipers. They brake better but still not very impressively. For the rear there are Jaguar disk brake conversions available but I don't have info on them, anyone? But I think the front brakes are far more important than the rear. After all it's fairly easy to lock the rear brakes so there is enough braking power there.
Oh, and thanx for the pix! we will upload them soon to this site.
10 June
1983 Rover Vanden Plas 3.5 V8
Monza Red 135,000 km
1994 Holden VR Commodore 3.8 V6
The injection system on the poor old Vanden Plas finally called it quits last week and I was desperate for some tech trouble shooting info that the Austin Rover factory manual does not have. Back down to the garage now to try to unravel the mysteries of the deep below the bonnet to see if your fantastic tech notes will unravel the mystery. Thank you for a great site. If I get the car going again I'll send you a photo for the site!
I certainly hope you will find the mysterious fault mr. Lucas has hidden beneath your bonnet We will wait for the photo and the good news!
08 June
Cars: 2rovers sd1
keep up the good work
05 June
Cars: rover metro, ford fiesta xr2
I really want to find out what engine can be fitted to a 1.1 Metro (1991) non injection, without to much hassle! how bout a mgf 1.8? or a rover 214 engine, wot can i have!!! any ideas to my e-mail address by the way great site it has helped a lot.
04 June
mal pahl
Cars: race holden commodore
hello from australia---drive a real car---holden v8 grunt

Not bad a V8 Holden....not bad at all. But now let's compare apples with apples and then I think a 4.6 litre SD1 will be much lighter than the very heavy iron block Holden and probably blast it into the weeds...:-), especially in and out of the corners
A 3.5 litre will be more difficult, I agree with that.
04 June
Glen Auty
Cars: 1983 Rover 3500 VandenPlas.
1994 landrover Discovery
I am most impressed in the technical information on your site. Thanks very much. I am currently having problems with my ECU for my Rover and have found your site most usefull. As iam in volved in electronics i wish to repair my ECU. Question
1. Do you have or know where i could get a full circuit diagram of the ECU.
2. Do you know the functional use of pin 8 of the ECU
1. I wished I had a diagram of the ECU myself!!
2. pins 6 and 8 are the air flow meter 12V/mass and pin 7 gives the potentiometer signal of the airflow meter.
01 June
J. Smit
Car: Caterham Super Seven with 2.0 Zetec engine (165 hp).
Rover SD1 - 2600S of 1985 which some stupid idiot shortened by 10 inches a couple of weeks ago by not paying attention to the already stopped traffic in front of her (!). In desperate need of an undamaged secondhand rear bumper (fair price please) because this SD1 deserves it to be restored/repaired. Body panels is a different matter. Don't know yet how to fix that problem.
29 May
larry Collins
Cars: I have at present 5 SD1's 3 of them are V8's (2 VDP/1 SE) the other 2 are 2.6 VDP's I am currently breaking up the SE.
your site made interesting reading and very well put together although i have not seen all your site as yet what i have seen was excellent. I will endeavour to visit it again shortly. Dont forget its the 25th Anniversary of the SD1 this year. Happy Motoring....kind regards Larry..Member RoverSD1 Club.UK
We certainly won't forget it's anniversary!
28 May
Stefan Antinaho
Cars: Ford Mondeo STW -01,
owning one Vitesse -84 and one SD1 series one -78.
You'll never get over owning a Rover (modification of the original). Still, the SD1 has to be the ultimate beauty in car-building. This is once more certified through Your excellent pages!!
Hear, hear! indeed the styling of the SD1 can be considered as a landmark, especially when you look at the angular styling used in the seventies/eighties. The SD1 really stood out of the crowd, and in many aspects still does!
28 May
Car:Rover 214 se 16v (1992)
Why did I never see any picture of my car
It's also a pleasure car...
Eehh, because perhaps the 214 isn't an SD1??? but I don't want to discriminate. All Rover's are equal... so send in a pic and I'll find a place for it. Maybe on a page for the more modern Rovers...
27 May
Bren Workman
Cars:'97 Land Rover Disco XD
'80 Rover 3500
'69 MGB
I am having trouble getting parts in the US. I have just bought the 1980 Rover SD 1/3500, Auto (B/W 65), Holley 4-barrel carb. I am interested in some bits, if anyone has some laying around: A bracket that holds the throttle and kick down cables (auto tranny, carb); hood and hatch struts; the outside, side window seals on the outside top of the doors; European headlights and mounting assembly (So I can get rid of these goofy dual headlamps), a speedometer cable (hopefully one that disregards that silly meter thingy); the small, round, Rover symbol, hubcap embossings; sun visors; left rear door shell; grab handles, inside above doors; interior door pilar light assemblies; license plate lights assemblies; door panels; dashboard (I'm dreaming,now); and many other bits. I have just begun to tidy this poor girl. We were never kind to the few 3500s we imported in 1980. Thanks again, Bren.
Oops...that's quite a parts list...maybe time to look for a donor car?....:-)
By the way, it's funny, the entry below Dale Rear, is looking for the twin round headlamps and you want to get rid of them, maybe you two should swap??
22 May
Dale Rear
Car:Rover SD1 2600s 5 speed manual
The site is cool. Can anyone find me a pair of twin round headlamps that were fitted to USA/Canadian SD1's. Well heres hoping !!! Keep up the good work and keep the SD1 alive.
19 May
Andy Grainger
Car: 1984 2600 van den plas with stage 2 cam, K&N filters and 2 box early 3.5 exhaust (cheaper and louder!!)
Keep up the good work!
14 May
Mark Rowell
Car: Big Truck!
Just get rid of it...
Huh???..of what?
01 May
Car: 1988 nissan maxima
1967 vw bug
01 May
Bill Mulheran
Car: vauxhall(opel) astra estate its a company car and not my choice. If I had a choice it would be a commodore vt
Do you have any details of model sd1's produced and pics if possible?
I'm afraid I can't help you there, the real thing is muuuuch better!, anyone else can help??.
29 April
Michael Andersen
Car: Rover 3500 SE
Gratulations on the best Rover site on the Net !
I especially like the tech articles. Keep up the good work!
Thanx!, we just added again a new page to the techtalk section.
to be continued........
26 April
Ian Taylor
Car: SD1 2.3 manual, SD1 2.6 auto, SD1 2.6 manual and soon SD1 EFi converted to 4.6 manual with boxer manifold.
Oh!...those boxer inlet setups look sooo good! What can I say.....Photo's!!....:-)
25 April
Les Biglands
Car: MGB 1979
Doing Rover conversion 78 MGB. I have got more information from your site than all others combined. Especially the fuel injection articles. Thanks.LES.
23 April
Peter Roberts
Cars: Fiat Sedicivalvole 2 litre
Reliant Rialto!
Excellent site Where do you get the infomation? You know more than Rover themselves!!
More than Rover?? I wished I did!!...:-)
22 April
Leigh Evans
Car:Peugeot 405 diesel but still would like an SD1 vitesse as a spare car
its great
20 April
Colin A
Car:BMW 525i
I had a 1983 Silver SD1 Vitesse which I used as daily transport from about 1987 to 1993 and later sold. Infuriating car as at its best it was wonderfully and effortlessly fast, handled amazingly for a big car but the electrics were so unreliable and I had to have the crankshaft reground early on. My current BMW is very reliable but just doesn't have the speed (ok the engine is much smaller) but the handling is terrible in comparison. It makes me very sad that such a well designed car was built so poorly with BL's problems - if it had been well built it would have been a world beater. Still think the shape looks good today, 1/4 century after its launch and old Buick engine still used in a number of cars even today.
Indeed the SD1 is remarkably fast and comfortable even for todays standards. And the design has aged very well! much better actually than the square designs of Opel/Volkswagen/Ford from the same age. Oh if build quality had been as good then as Rover has it now.....
Not considering to buy an SD1 again??
18 April
Richard Milton
Car:1988 Merkur XR4Ti
17 April
Car:A black 2600 SD1 VDP
I think I like it
Groetjes KK te A
11 April
Shawn Ratenski
05 April
Dr Mijodrag Andjelkovic
Cars:SD1 2600S ,
01 April
Stephen Wight
Cars:1983 Rover Vitesse V8,
1991 Rover 214SLI
and 1992 BMW 525i Touring Estate
Very good site, could do with more pics of standard cars.
30 March
Mike A
Car:1989 EFI non cat Range Rover
Faults found with the V8 and cures. Maybe that's because I'm having trouble with mine. It has run well for the last 9 months, but now every so often it runs rough and surges at tickover from 650 rpm to 400rpm . Help!!
Have you tried our techtalk section?
30 March
Kim Beasly
Car:SD1 Vitesse T.P. with twin turbo's
Twin turbo's??....hmmm, all I can say is.....send pictures!!!
28 March
Car:Toyota Landcruiser Custom VX HDJ80, Volvo P1800ES
26 March
Car:Austin A40 Farina (1958 model MkI)
More pictures of SD1's all over!!!! I used to be the proud owner of an OPORTO RED 2600SE manual SD1 (Y reg) untill my grumpy dad made me get rid because it was taking up to much space!!! (only needed two front wing repairs) went to RIMMER BROS for £30 because it had no tax!!
For only £30? Now that would have made me grumpy....I hope you find another one soon. Including the space!
24 March
Harry Trezona
I do enjoy reading your material. I'm amazed that you committ yourself to such a labour of love. Thank you,
Thanx!, well the site has become a kind of hobby which has gotten a bit out of hand I guess... :-)
24 March
C. Bruce Strock
Cars:TR8 SD1 1980
Great to see info on SD1. Only 1200 imported to USA. I also have a 1981, one of 3, in the USA. Not much club activity here for the SD1. I can get special parts that are made in the USA for the Buick - Rover V8s. e-mail or call 610 346-7304
I live at 3175 Church Street, Springtown, PA 18081-0490 USA
21 March
Paul Goodenough
Car:Granada4x4 (work with Rovers)
21 March
Mike N
Cars:1979 Morgan Plus 8 (Rover 3.5L SD1)
Leuke site vooral voor mij om het in het Nederlands te lezen. Ik ben een Nederlander die in de VS woont en het is vanzelfsprekend heel leuk om wat in mijn moerstaal te kunnen lezen. Vooral de informatie over de SD1 oliedruk vind ik uitstekend. Deze informatie kom je niet gemakkelijk aan. Ik heb pas mijn motor geheel reviseerd en blue-printed (poorten vergroten en balanceren). Ik vind mijn oliedruk nogal aan de lage kant, maar nu dat ik wat heb kunnen lezen op de ze site zal ik enkele potentiele oorzaken aflopen (te dunne olie/ slechte meter). De Morgan heeft nu ong. 200 pk en trekt als een raket! In de 1e versnelling spinnen de banden voor ongeveer 80 m meter totdat ik gas terug neem.
Keep up the good work!
Mike N.
Miami, Florida USA
Hoi Mike, goed om te zien dat we ook in de U.S. op de voet gevolgt worden. Tsjaaa 200 pk in zo'n Morgan dat moet zeker als de spreekwoordelijke Brandweer gaan!!
Yummie!, mooi om met zo'n Brit de Amerikaanse V8's het nakijken te geven.
11 March
Peter-Jan Timmerman
Car:Rover Sterling 827i 1991 Want to sell it
11 March
Andy Jackson
Cars/Bike:Mondeo 1.8T.D, TR7/V8, ZZR1100
An absolutely brilliant site which I stumbled upon searching for info on S.U. carburettors. I know from your comments about the MGB/V8 that I will be getting a lot of stick from you SD1 purists out there about what the engine is being used in, but I didn't kill the car to get the engine, It was involved in an accident and I'm just using it's organs to help both cars live to see another day.
Could you please add some info on the 5 speed gearbox as used on the SD1 & TR7/V8, as both me & a friend (TVR 350i) need to rebuild them soon and the more help the better. If not then could you point me to a site you know of that has some info on them. Thanks JACKO.
Well I certainly don't mind if a Rover V8 is being used in other cars....How could I, I've just bought a Reliant Scimitar with a Rover V8!! Unfortunately there is very little info on the 5-sp gearbox on the internet. If I find a good link I will put it up!
11 March
Miranda Vogelenzang
Cars: Rover SD-1 en Rover 114GTi
Wilde ik ook eens een keer de ledenvergadering meemaken kan ik niet met je mee Adriaan. En dat noemt zich nu een democratische club. Wat jammer dat wij vrouwen hier nog steeds gediscrimineerd worden.
Groetjes Miranda
Ook de groetjes van mijn PARTNER.
Nou discriminerend en ondemocratisch is het echt niet hoor, als een vrouw lid wordt kan ze net zo goed naar de vergadering. Maar dat 'alleen voor leden' is zeker niet elegant en ook niet erg uitnodigend (voorzover locatie en datum/tijdstip dat al wel waren) combineren met een meeting was beter geweest maar afijn da's al vaker aan de orde gekomen.
08 March 2001
Cars: Holden VT Commodore S , Rover82 SE, and coming soon 86VDP also owned 84VDP and 79SDX as well as an assortment of other makes
This was a pleasant suprise from some of the other sites around
05 March 2001
Pierre Giraud
Cars: 1980 Rover SD1 2600 ( member of the UK SD1 Club)
1990 Rover 214 GSI
1994 Rover 111
1999 Rover 800 2.0 Vdp (the last one in the showroom in Belgium where I live!)
A great site, mainly on technical and historical aspects; only one (very light) criticism from a six-straight owner: don't be too V-8 biased and please give us a little bit more info on the 6 cyl.,if possible. Thanks a lot for writing in English and keep up the good work. Tot ziens en dank u wel
You can expect an article on the 2300/2600 engines around April/May. The sixes won't be forgotten!
05 March 2001
Harry Trezona
I'd be interested to see more insormation on "tweaks" eg how you can make your car go better... I'd love to see detailed comparisons on products...detailed diagrammes on, say, how you go about porting and inlet manifold and matching it to your cylinder head.
We will feature some additional tuning info, however we try not to reproduce things you can find in the excellent book of David Hardcastle (Tuning Rover V8 engines)
04 March 2001
John Taylor
Cars:1983 series 2 Rover SD1 V8 SE: 1978 Mini Clubman 1275 GT
04 March 2001
Nick Highman
2, 1979 SD1 and a 1981 SE with a Holley 465 4 barrel carb,resting on a 3.51 performer manifold. The exhaust is a pair of Hurricane extractors into a 2 1/2 inch stainless straight pipe.
More info on how to get & fit performance parts to the engine & drivetrain. More Hints & tips on how to get more horsepower & speed from the alloy 3.5 litre V8 Auto.
More info in the tuning section is under development at the moment (camshaft selection).

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