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02 March 2001

Rover's Vikingship

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02 March
Peter R. Byrne
Cars: 1980 Lotus Eclat and 97 Dodge Intrepid
I am new to this site so I am impartial till I know more.
02 March
Thomas Konermann
Car: Range Rover 2 Door and 4 Door Models SD1 first and second Series
I am looking for an Rover SD1 model in 1/24 size in nearly any condition Who can help me, Thanks a lot
01 March
Jonathan Williams
Cars:Rover 75 and Lotus Elise
More sd1 pics.
27 February
Stefan Jojojojojo
Car: Ferrari Testarolstoel
why is this english? and not Dutch?
Omdat ca. 80% van de bezoekers van deze site niet uit NL komen.
25 February
D. Lloyd
Cars: Rover Vitesse TP
Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series 2
Cobra Replica ( Dax 5.0 Ford V-8)
Talbot Express Van !!!!
Cool selection of cars!, eehm...ok, excluding the last one
16 February
Brian Hatton
Cars: 3.9V8 auto (ZF4speed) LandRover 110 motorsport recovery vehicle (mildly tuned engine running on lpg, with modified 4CU EFI system). Rover 214Si with LPG conversion.
How about some tech. info on the 14CUX system? or did I miss it?
No you didn't miss it, it's not there (yet), however the SD1 just uses the old system.
16 February
Super Wellie
Car: Een super Berlingo van 0 tot 100 in 5,9 sec
Ga zo door, doe eens wat over de Porsche 911, geintje
0-100 in 5,9 sec?? niet in de plaats van de komma vergist hoop ik?? 59 sec. lijkt me namelijk iets waarschijnlijker En een vergelijking van de SD1 met andere auto's zit in de koker, maar vergeleken met een 911? Een SD1 heeft geen zandzak voorin nodig voor een goede wegligging, he he, ook een geintje.
15 February
Car:Subaru Legacy Turbo,
XR4x4 Modified for track.
Your pages are VERY long, but content is superb. You've really got an international flavour to some good old British muscle!! I share an XR4x4 track-car (see link) with some friends and the next mod we're thinking of is the installation of a Rover V8 - any advice gratefully received! Keep up the good work!
Indeed, the pages can be very long sometimes, but for us it makes it a bit easier to maintain and update them. And as long they load within a reasonable time....
14 February
Cars:Citroen AX 1.1
Daf Cabrio (legeruitvoering) '66
Ik ben op zoek naar een rover 2600 van de plas.Kan iemand mij helpen?
14 February
Graeme Scott
Car:'83 3500SE
11 February
Rupert Kent
Car:Volkswagen Golf Mk3 GTI 8v
Loved the Nurburgring Oltimers pics from 2000. I was there too with my father who raced in the Thorougbred GP race in the Shadow DN-9 ( ) Hope to be there this year too. I love the SD1's particularly the racing ones. What happened to the Fleet, Mobil and Sanyo Racing SD1's from European Touring Car Racing...? We had a couple of SD1's years ago. Anyone know the whereabouts of A212BRG (Silver Auto) and C???HOA [poss C630HOA] (blue twin plenum) that we owned...? Last we heard of the blue one it was going to be tuned. We had it tuned by John Eales in Coventry and surprised a few cars...!
Loved the shadow site! and indeed a good question where are all those racing SD1's? Quite a lot of them appear to be in Germany. Stored for the future?
07 February
Cars:Rover Vitesse 1983. Volkswagen Golf. Nissan Micra.
19 January
Gregory Capshaw
Cars:1969 rover 2000 sc auto
1969 2000 tc
restoring 1967 2000 tc
and a 1980 sd1 3500
Nice Rover selection!
12 January
Robert Furman
Cars:Triumph TR3, TR7 V8
Buying a 1980 SD1 3500 Soon!
Nice technical information, wish there were more 3500 fans in the USA! I will continue to use your web site for information, etc.
We wished there were more SD1 fans in the whole world!...:-)
09 January
Pete Johnson
Cars:SD1 Mk1 V8 also peugeot 306 diesel
More info on LPG conversions. Otherwise a really interesting site, I will have to come back later and explore some more.
We have just updated the LPG page (Pt. 1). The LPG calculator will be updated soon.
09 January
Cars:1983 V8 Cosworth replica
1993 Golf GTI
Glad to see the site is still being updated and viewed. The additions are excellent as ever. I am now changing the V8 sierra from auto to manual. Does anybody know by how much the prop shaft lenghts are different on the GM180 / LT77 gearboxes ?
06 January 2001
Russell Fordred
Cars:1985 SD1 3500 Vanden Plas Automatic
SD1 of Russell Fordred 16,0 kB
04 January 2001
Les Biglands
Cars:MGB. building MGB/V8 Rover 3.5 from 3500S. Also have 1980 SD1.
Great info on EFI.
03 January 2001
Jens Welle
Cars:ROVER ´81 Van den Plas
Rover 114 GTI 16V ´92
It´s good to see you´re not alone!
Certainly not!, There are a lot of SD1 fans around on the Internet!
31 December
Marcilio Chimanovsky
Car:A very old Fiat
30 December
Sean Sohaei
Cars:I have two 1980 US version 3500 SD1s since 1980. One of them I have upgraded to Vitesse spec and looks. The other is original and I am just finishing a full restoration.
How about Links to sites for parts or contact information for specialist not on the web.
Some commercial sites are already mentioned, Mentioning specialists not on the web....We already mention some (Dutch) Rover garages in the Club menu.
27 December
Melle Sibma
Car:Lancia Beta HPE.
Wij hadden een Rover SD1 3500 vandenplas, Leuke site
T'is wel geen SD1, maar een Lancia Beta HPE kun je ook niet verkeerd noemen!
26 December
Phill Rennicks
Cars:1986 Rover SD1 TP Vitesse,
1989 Rover 820,
Honda VFR750 Motorcycle
Your Tech section is excellent with information layed out in a clear & logical format. Well done!!
Thanks!, Well at least the site is clear & logical.......You should see me, hehehe.
21 December
Stein Batalden
Cars:Rover P6 2200 TC Volvo 740 GL
20 December
Danie Minnaar
Cars:'84 Rover VDP ; '84 Volkswagen Passat GLX5
I am from South Afrika and have recently bought a '84 VanDenPlas. I was looking for technical information and browsed the web yesterday, finding your site. Before I even noticed all that you offer, I signed the guestbook and asked for more technical specs ! - Excuse me ! Your site is absolutely amazing ! - Thanx I wish that I could also join your club, but it is a bit far to travel from SA. Keep up the good work !
It is indeed a bit far to travel from SA...A Range Rover would be needed instead of your SD1 I guess...:-) Glad you like the site. Your previous entry also asked about roadtests which is not a bad idea at all and something like that wil come up next year.
20 December
Car:1982 rover SD1 SE 3500
how about info to know for trouble shoothing on SD1's and other models engine upgrades, pics of peoples cars
Trouble shooting info can mostly be found in the workshop manual, Some additional trouble shooting like the EFI system can be found here. We are working on the engine upgrade info (tuning) and indeed there should be more pic's of peoples cars, So send them in with some info on restauration, tuning, use, stories, etc..we can make a page of it !!
18 December
Alvin Castle
Cars:why did you have to ask that;1959 Hillman wagon,1961 MK2 Jag, 1963 Hillman super Minx, 1965,66,67 Sunbeam Alpine conv.,P5, P6b w/bonnet Scopes,6 of 15 SD1's,1973 TR6,1980 Spitefire, 1967 Dodge Dart GT
How can I get a wing for my car and send me pictures of the purple SD1 please, thank you
I don't know any adresses where you can get those wings but a lot of those big wings are coming from the Cosworth Ford Sierras so it might be worthwile to search there on the www. might be a nice start to search. It also has a very impressive video clip with an SD1 on the race track.

then click on 1st trackday
then download video clip and decoder at bottom of page.
It's well worth a look.
Thanx to Phil Taylor for the info

10 December
Olly Karlen
Cars:Rover 827 SI
Peugeot 504
Unimog 2010
09 December
Lloyd Bridle
Car:1985 3500 se auto
So for it appears to be a quite well executed site, far superior to others, in the ease of getting around it and very good and relevant content. Would you provide me with details of the Jaguar to Rover brake conversion please. Thank-you.(this site has been a great find).
Thanx for the compliments!, I have no information on the conversion at hand at this moment but I will look around if I can find some. It is an interesting subject. So if anyone has info on the brake conversion, let me know!!!
25 November
Paul Johnson
Car:Rover SDI, (Ratus Ratus), very modified.
Range Rover 2 door.
We really love the car, thanx for the pix!
SD1 of Paul (Teej) Johnson 9,6 kB
25 November
Wayne Pesuit
Cars:1969 P6 2000TC
1966 Landrover 88 Series IIa Petrol.
Always looking for parts in the USA
28 November
Alexx Casting
Oproep voor alle klassieke en bijzondere voertuigen. Alexx Casting is hiernaar op zoek t.b.v. TV-, Film- en Fotoprodukties. Wij stellen het op prijs om uw voertuig gratis in ons bestand op te nemen. Interesse ? Ga dan naar onze web-site : en zend ons een e-mail ( ) met foto('s) van uw voertuig en de te bereiken telefoonnummer(s).
Alvast bedankt voor de eventuele interesse.
Met vriendelijke groet Alexx Kiewiet (Alexx-Casting)
25 November
Stephen Wight
Car:Rover Vitesse SD1
More pics of standard cars
True, could be more of those on the site now you mention it....We'll give it some attention!
25 November
Richard Liddick
Cars:71 MGB GT,
76 M.G. Midget,
78 MGB,
92 Mitsubishi
Just got a 80 Rover SD1 for a MGB V-8 conversion
Aaaaargh!! :-)
But it could be worse.....Mazda Miata V-8 conversion, shiver!
22 November
John Armour
Cars:81 SD1 carbies
84 VDP w/- EFI
Thank you for providing this site. I'm looking forward to reading all that great tech info offline.
We hope you like it a lot :-)
15 November
Car:Rover 3500 Vanden Plas
I like my car a lot. I am from Poland. I am a student, and use my car every day-It's really a good car.
Yup! an SD1 is really a good car. And using one everyday is really a joy! I wished more people than you and me knew that!
13 November
Nick Geldof
Car:Rover 25 TDi
Leuke site, kan best wel iets bij over de sportieve kant van Rover.
Er is al wel het nodige te vinden onder het tuning menu zoals:
SD1 sport
SD1 action
Dutch racer

Maar voor meer sportieve Rover info (niet perse SD1) houden wij ons altijd aanbevolen zodat we hierover een page kunnen samenstellen.
05 November
Gregory Smith
Car:1980 Rover SD1 Vitesse GT
03 November
Simon King
Car:1984 SD1 VDP
I have just read your excellent Techtalk page about the viscous couplings fitted to the Rover SD1. Those with the bi-metallic coil and left-hand thread attachment to the water pump spindle were not only fitted to EFi cars. My carburetter car with air-con has one! Thought you'd like to know.
Thanx, that's interesting! could it be that the original one has been replaced for this one?
02 November
Lee Davie
Car:1985 3500se
I just think this site is an absolute mine of information, I have only just purchased my SD1 and I was able to glean a lot of precious knowledge from you, thank you and keep it up please.
Glad we could be of some help! And off course we keep on mining for more info :-)
31 October
David Walter
Car:1968 P5B coupe and 1973 P6P
A parts wanted section may be good. I am looking for a 1969 P5B. Left hand drive steering box, steering damper, wiring harness, and the dashboard wood trim (5 pieces). any suggestions.
The for Sale / Wanted section is meant not only for cars but also for Parts!
28 October
Uwe Taube
Cars: SD1 VdP EFi
27 October
John Walkden
Cars: '72 RHD TC2000
'80 LHD SD1
Wow what a great site! Everything an SD1 owner could ask for. Especially way out here on the west coast of Canada [Vancouver] as North America only got about 2ooo of these cars in 1980
Could have been a lot more than 2000 if Leyland showed some more customer support in those days. They could have sold 200,000 cars!
27 October
Ian Scown
Cars: 85 Rover Vitesse.
80 Range Rover
89 Peugeot 205 GTI
More info on Suspension modifications. Information on TWR racing Rovers
The pages on suspension will be renewed with some extra info. More info on TWR rovers......when I get some. Who has some good pic's and spec's on them?
26 October
Lawrence Schokker
Cars: Rover SD1 Vitesse 1985(black) auto
21 October
Rob Ovington
Cars: 1981 SD2600 auto South Africa, 1986 RangeRover auto EFI
15 October
Gordon Lane
Car: MG RV8 3.9l
08 October
Car:I have a mk1 escort, I am only 15 since I rebuilt my uncles 3500 v8 I have loved them.
I think this web site is brilliant!.
Thanx!, 15 and already addicted to the SD1....Great!!!.

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