Who am I.

My name is Rene Winters and I live in the north of the Netherlands. I was born in Peize in 1963. My greatest passion is the Rover SD1 and the Rover V8. I am a Rover SD1 enthusiast with about 60 different SD1s over 25 years. From 1981 till now I have collected all kind of information about the Rover SD1 and the Rover V8. I would like to share this information with others. But how??

The Website.

In 1998, a good friend of mine, Adriaan Briene, started a Rover SD1 website.
To me, this was one of the best Rover websites there were at the time, but the site did not mention the Rover techniques.
Then I heard Adriaan did not want to continue working on the website. I contacted him in order to get an explanation. Adriaan did not have much spare time left because of his work.
He also did not enjoy the atmosphere of the Rover clubs anymore.
I agreed. The ambience was gone.

In the Netherlands there were a number of Rover clubs which were competing against each other. Members were making their lives and others miserable.

I did not want the website to go offline and asked Adriaan if I could manage the website.
Luckely Adriaan approved.
In January 2003 I became the webmaster. After a learning period I now know how to build and maintain a website.

Over the last two years the interface of the website has changed and I added a section about the Rover techniques.

I would like to thank Adriaan for his enthusiasm and effort he put into the website. I now know how difficult it is to create something new.

Why a Rover SD1 Website

First of all to exchange information with other Rover SD1 enthusiastics.
Secondly to get in contact with others who share the same passion.
Thirdly it is nice to give technical advice to other Rover SD1 enthusiastics.
For example, I recently advised an Australian SD1 owner how to tune a Rover V8. Helping someone at the other end of the world is the most rewarding part.
That's Fun


I never could have made the website without the help of the following people:
Marius Otto
Harry Hilgerdenaar,
Keith Adams,
Martin en Shirley Rimmer,
Miranda Vogelenzang,
Henk Vogelenzang,
Lissette de Boer,
Geert Pieter Velders,
Wouter Verduyn,
Eric Nieuw Beerta,
Hans de Keijzer,
Paul Adams
Glyn Parham

The Future

We now have approximately 30 percent of the website completed.
In the following years the rest of the website will be completed.

We would like to know what you think of our website.
Or do you have other useful topics. Let us know via our

Enjoy the website!
Rene Winters.

My first Rover SD1

My second Rover SD1

Look these great exhaust pipes

My TR7 V8

Reliant Scimitar GTE V8 3.5l.


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